My Favorite Restaurants



My Favorite Restaurants



The best Persian restaurant I have ever eaten, very affordable. Good kabobs.

Very reasonable prices; Close to UCLA.

June 2010


         In De Vaag

I eat a nice dinner with Rita and her son. Good food, next to Red area.

I enjoyed the ice cream too. In fact, Rita's son ordered the ice cream; but they were getting late for a movey, I had to eat it.

June, 2010



This is close UIC. Ashfaq Khokhar took me there with other colleagues.

Very good food; and Dessert was also good.

April 2010



Ying Wu took me there. This is close to Northwestern University in Evanston, close to Chicago.



I came to know about this through a book Alinea. This is the seventh best restaurant in the world. I took my two nephews for a dinner.

It was very interesting experience but very costly.

         Baba Palace

334 West Chicago Avenue,

Chicago, IL 60654-5106(312) 867-7777

Amazing food; just like home cooking. Very inexpensive; Simple environment, and self service.


         Authentic Pakistani food, punjabi style, very tasty. Inexpensive. You can get traditional Pakistani disshes like Kerala and mutton.       

They have several    locations in SFO area. The first time I eat was several years ago in Berkeley.