Computer Vision Distinguished Speaker Series 2006-2007

Dr. Amnon Shashua
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
September 14, 2006
Talk: “The Role of multi-linear Factorization in Image Coding, Clustering and Visual Learning”
Dr. Zhengyou Zhang
Microsoft Research, Redmond
October 12, 2006
Talk: “Computer Vision for Real-Time Communication and Human-Computer Interaction”
Dr. Anil Jain
Michigan State University
November 6, 2006
Talk: “Biometric Recognition: How Do I Know Who You Are?”
Dr. Ted Adelson
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
January 18, 2007
Talk: “Image Statistics, Visual Perception and Visual Illusions”
Dr. David Lowe
University of British Columbia
February 19, 2007
Talk: “Object and Place Recognition from Invariant Local Features”
Dr. Gerard Medioni
University of Southern California
March 26, 2007
Talk: “Tensor Voting: Over view and Applications to Vision and Learning”
Dr. James Duncan
Yale University
April 16, 2007
Talk: “Model-Based Recover y of Structure and Function from Medical Images”